Golden Mount or Wat Saket


During my trip to Thailand, I had a theme for each day… shopping day, history day, come-what-may day, etc. In short, my itinerary was very detailed. I only had less than a month to research on what to do and where to go in Thailand but I see to it that I won’t miss the good stuff. That includes promo on tours/entrance fees. 

My first day (the morning after the night we arrived) was the museum day. I read online that there’s an all-day pass promo where I can rent a tuk-tuk for a cheap price (around 150 pesos only) and it includes free entrance fees to four museums. This was part of the tourist campaign of Thailand. Imagine my excitement when I learned about this. However, no matter how much you plan for a trip, some things will never go your way… First, I was supposed to spend the first day with Phillip because he thought he will be leaving on the afternoon of that day but it turns out that his departure was the day before. So, from being excited, I became anxious to spend my first day alone. Second, when I went to Khao San Road and looked for the tuk-tuk for tourists, I was informed that the promotion ended a few weeks ago. So, for a few minutes, I was standing on the corner of the street, staring into nothingness and wondering what I will do next. Should I go on with my plans for Day 2 instead? Should I look for the museums on my own?

After a while, I approached a tuk-tuk driver, showed him the map and the museums I would like to visit. He suggested that I visit Golden Mount first. I had no clue what it was but I said okay. I just said to myself, “Fine. Let’s turn this museum day to a come-what-may day instead”. 


Golden Mount, as the name implies, is a mountain. There are structures for worship on the grounds and a temple on top. I didn’t know what to expect and what to do at the area because I wasn’t able to research about it so I just roamed around the area.


While walking, I saw the stairs leading to the mountaintop. I thought only monks are allowed to go up. Good thing I asked the people in the area and they told me that I can. Yay!


“Trekking” Golden Mount starts here

Compared to other mountains, going up Golden Mount is easier because of the stairs. There are also vines and trees that will keep you away from the heat of the sun.


Aside from the temple on top, the view is also something to look forward to.


I’m so happy I “accidentally” visited Golden Mount. Indeed, no matter how much you plan for a trip, some things will never go your way BUT that doesn’t mean that the fun will go away!


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