Benabaye-Maunes Nuptial in Cebu

My favorite couple, Ate Mai-Mai and Kuya JP, finally tied the knot last month. During my volunteering days in Cebu, they looked after me and never failed to inspire me with the work they do for the Deaf community. They are like my older siblings and I’m really thankful to have met them last year. So when Kuya JP told me about the wedding, I didn’t think twice. I immediately booked for an airfare ticket. I just can’t miss the “event of the year”!

Things worked fine and my request for off was granted. Yay! After duty, I changed to civilian clothes, then went straight to the airport for my flight to Cebu. Hectic but I didn’t mind! Choice ko to, ika nga. 🙂

Touchdown, Cebu! But first, a selfie… lol!


Booked at Andy Hotel in Mandaue, Cebu. I love our simple room!

After an hour or so, I met ate Thea. We went to Gusto Cafe and Wine Bar in I.T. Park. The place looks really classy. How I wish I discovered it when I was still living in Cebu.

The food is affordable too!

This slice of cake costs less than a hundred pesos!


Went back to the hotel.. When we woke up the following day…

..suddenly we’re four! 🙂
Breakfast at Mcdo! Warning: More "groupies" coming up. :)
Breakfast at Mcdo! Warning: More “groupies” coming up. 🙂
Churros foodtrip
Churros foodtrip

It’s time to prepare for the wedding!

Thanks Ann for my hair. Ate Thea for my make-up. Artista? Haha
Thanks Ann for my hair. Ate Thea for my make-up. Artista? Haha

Of course, we didn’t miss the chance to have a photo shoot (again) before going to the church!

The wedding took place at St. Joseph Church in Mandaue. As I expected, Ate Mai looked so gorgeous in her wedding gown.


That certain expression that a groom has when the bride walks along the aisle.. Aww ❤
With Mr. and Mrs. Maunes 🙂

Aside from witnessing the special event, I also met my good friends and co-volunteers again. It was a mini-reunion for us!

Volunteering brought us together. I love them (Kiarah, Ate Thea, KP and Ann) so much! 🙂

The celebration didn’t stop there. The next day, we were off to an adventure in Mactan!

Kuya JP’s press release was that it will be an island-hopping activity but we didn’t really went to different islands. Instead, we “partied” in the middle of the sea. Lol.

The first island… so near yet so far. Hahaha
Pig brain! I never thought it would taste sooo good!

More people = more fun! 🙂


10711290_10204225441932350_1851561091_nTime to leave… ;___;

Short but sweet. Thank you, Cebu, for the good break 🙂 Congratulations ate Mai and Kuya JP! Wishing them the best ❤

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