Yehliu Geological Park

I honestly didn’t have any idea on what the tourist spots are in Taiwan when I booked for tickets last September. The primary reason I chose it is because of my slight fascination over Taiwanese dramas before. Nope. I’m not talking about Meteor Garden. I didn’t watch that. Pa-cool ako dati e. Lol. Instead, I was crazy over dramas like He is Nightingale (this not-so-popular-drama inspired me to pursue Nursing! Hehe!), Love at the Dolphin Bay and Lavender. In short, I was very clueless on where to go so I asked help from my friend, Seckvoon. She suggested that I allocate a day going to the north, one to the south, etc., since Taipei is a small city that I can tour in a day.

Day 1 was focused on the north coast (in Yehliu) where the rock formations are, then to nearby places like Keelung, Jiufen and Jinguashi. To go to Yehliu, ride a Kuo Kuang Bus 1815 with the bus route Jin Shan Youth Activity Centre at Taipei West Bus Station in Terminal A. Bus ticket price is around 100NT dollars (around 150 pesos). Travel time is about an hour and a half. Don’t worry on where you need to drop off, the bus has a sound system that announces the current and next stop.

You’ll pass by Yehliu Fishing Port when walking to Yehliu Geological Park from the bus stop (Sorry I forgot to take a picture!).

IMG_0708After 5 minutes of walking, you’ll see this from afar…

Parking area
Parking area

Welcome to Yehliu Geological Park!


Entrance fee: 50NT dollars (About 75 pesos)
Entrance fee: 50NT dollars (around 75 pesos)

From the entrance you will walk this path…


…that will eventually lead you to this breathtaking view!


Time to explore!


Mushroom rocks everywhere. Yummm!


Ocean erosion pothole

IMG_4464IMG_4489Of course, we wouldn’t miss the chance to have a “photo shoot” in this beautiful place! 🙂


Thank you, Yehliu, for showing us your beauty!


3 thoughts on “Yehliu Geological Park

  1. Taiwan is a beautiful country to visit. Lots of places to visit aside from the touristy area. I have been to Taiwan a few times already and still going as I cannot finish visiting it. Too many places to explore. =)

    1. That’s true! I hope to visit the place again someday. What a beautiful country!! 🙂

      1. Just back from there. haha…. it’s my 6th time in Taiwan for this year and my last trip was the longest 10 days. Still wanting to go there again!!

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