Jinguashi Gold Ecological Park

As I said in my previous blog entry, day 1 in Taiwan is all about touring the north. My overly-ambitious itinerary aimed to visit Yehliu then Bitou Cape (via Fulong route to see the Nanya Rock Formations,  Yin Yang Sea and the Remains of the 13 Levels) and then go to Jinguashi and Jiufen in one day. It was actually possible if we didn’t get lost in the morning trying to find where our second hotel was. In short, our schedule moved as well. We arrived in Yehliu at 10am instead of leaving the place by that time. That late!! Huhu.

Afterwards, we headed to Keelung where there are buses going to Bitou (we didn’t give up yet during this time! Lol).

Hoping to explore Keelung in the future!
Hoping to explore Keelung in the future!

In the end, due to frustration and limited time, we decided to drop Bitou since we already saw beautiful rock formations in Yehliu. We prioritized going to Jinguashi early before it closes at around 5PM. Also, Jinguashi is situated in the mountain so it’s not really advisable to go there when it’s getting dark.

After a 30 minute-ride from Keelung, finally…

Welcome to Gold Ecological Park!

This park opened in 2004 and gives visitors an insight on how rich Jinguashi’s gold mining industry was. Entrance fee is free!

IMG_4515Time to explore again!

IMG_4522I don’t need to work if I have this..


IMG_4536 IMG_4538The highlight of this tour is the Benshan Fifth Tunnel, an old mining tunnel.

Entrance fee: 50NT dollars (around 75 pesos)

IMG_0715 IMG_0763 IMG_0724 IMG_0766IMG_0730

Of course, it’s a must to eat afterwards!

Give yourself a treat by buying a miners lunchbox at
Give yourself a treat by buying a miner’s lunchbox at this restaurant. Too bad we didn’t get to eat here because the queue is too long!
We ate at the restaurant overlooking the other mountains instead.
Eating time!!
Eating time!!


IMG_0774To sum it up, this was indeed a “golden” experience! The trip to Jinguashi is long but it’s a worthy and unique tour.


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