Hello Kitty Kitchen and Dining

Themed restaurants are very popular in Taiwan. If you’re a fan of all things pink and cute, or you just want to reminisce your childhood (Helloooo kitty play with us todaaaay~), Hello Kitty Kitchen and Dining in Daan District, Taiwan, should definitely be on your travel list!

Excited to go in! 🙂


We were not able to call for a reservation so we had to wait for our turn…


Checking out the food and items for sale while waiting

After about 15 minutes, finally, a seat!

Hello Kitty everywhere, as expected! Not complaining!


Barista’s area
Second floor

It’s time to check if the food is as good as how the place looks like. Hmm..

IMG_1222There is a minimum order of 300 NT dollars (about 450 pesos) per person. Me, my mother and cousin each ordered a meal set that costs 450 NT dollars each (about 650 pesos).

The set contains the following (hover mouse or click for description):

My verdict? Meal was expensive but it definitely made me full.  I loved the coffee, soup and the big serving of pasta. However, I wish the dessert (gelatin) was tastier.

After eating, time for another photo shoot.. What’s new? Hahaha!

Overall, I think my second (first was in Hongdae, South Korea) Hello Kitty cafe/restaurant experience was a blast! Now, I’m dreaming of visiting other HK establishments in other countries in the future! ^^

..even the restroom is too cute to be true!!
One last pose before I leave…even the restroom is too cute to be true!! I can live here! Lol

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