Loving Nursing

“Sometimes, some things in life don’t make sense at the moment. In the future, these things are like magic keys that open big treasures.”

When I wrote these words last year, I remember being so convinced that after my experience as a youth volunteer, leaving Nursing and having a job related to development was the best for me. Ironically, as 2014 comes to an end, I’ll be welcoming the new year at the hospital as I fulfill my Nursing duties.

For almost a year, I spent majority of my days with Pediatric patients… taking their vital signs, giving medications, assisting in procedures, etc.. none of these I imagined I can handle. My first days to months of going to work were always filled with anxiety. How do I confidently talk to a parent or relative? How do I assist a doctor? How do I prepare this medication? How do I.. HOW DO I MAKE THIS DAY END FASTER!??

Every day didn’t seem to make sense to me yet during those days so I trusted the Lord more. I prayed that I’ll be able to do things right and that my shift will end well. God let me encountered different kinds of people and circumstances. I feel blessed to be with kind Pediatric staff and doctors. Ten months later, I became a better nurse. No longer are my days filled with fear. Instead, I have a positive outlook as I work each day.


My days working in the hospital are numbered as I will be pursuing my studies abroad early next year but I am grateful to have finally found appreciation in my profession. All thanks to God who have opened such treasure to me!! He has truly “made everything beautiful in its time” and I can’t wait to taste more of it in 2015!

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