Namsangol Hanok Village

Visiting a hanok (traditional Korean house) village is one of the things that you should definitely do if you are planning to go to Korea. Bukchon Hanok is the first (it’s also very famous) that I thought of but ate Yayo and I decided to go to Namsangol (남산골) Hanok village instead. Ate Yayo works there so free tour guide ang peg niya. Lol.

Entrance to the village
Entrance to the village



Let’s take a look into the different rooms/areas of each traditional house…



Since it was a holiday, a lot of parents/grandparents came with their children/grandchildren.. so cute!!! ^^


Exploring more…




Since I am in a traditional village, why not try wearing Korean traditional clothes?

HAHAHAHA! I'm so sorry I can only afford this HAHAHA
HAHAHAHA! I’m so sorry I can only afford this HAHAHA

A more “formal” one… Lol!

Annyeonghaseyo ^_^
Annyeonghaseyo ^_^

Bonus when visiting Namsangol: the very beautiful view of Namsan Tower (N Seoul Tower) ❤


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