Ihwa Mural Village

I really admire how Korea loves art and design. From the cute interior of the cafes, to the street art and the fascinating landmarks such as Dongdaemun Design Plaza, everything is aesthetically pleasing.

On this blog post, I will take you to a place filled with art, Ihwa Mural Village. Just like most of my dream travel destinations here, I learned about it years ago through the Korean reality show, 1 Night 2 Days. Lee Seung Gi, one of my favorite celebrities, went to the village and took pictures with the murals.

Goal: pose ala Seung Gi! :)  (Image source: ohappyhappyday)
Goal: pose ala Seung Gi!!! (Image source: ohappyhappyday)

To go to Ihwa, you can get off at Hyehwa station.

Hyehwa neighborhood is famous for the theaters. Maybe one day I can watch a musical here?
Hyehwa neighborhood is famous for its numerous theaters. A lot of artists started their careers here.

After about 10 minutes of walking (I’m sorry I can’t recall the exact directions), you will reach the residential area.

This friendly cat is the sign that you are in the right direction
The big wall map as guide.. but it didn't really help! Hahaha
The big wall map as guide.. but it didn’t really help! Hahaha

The search for the village starts here…

We just followed our intuition…
When in doubt, just turn right! Lol.

Once you see the “mountainous” area, go to that direction and go up the stairs. Note: there’s a lot of steps.

It’s the cliiiimb~

Keep on going up the stairs until you reach the road… Finally, after about 15 minutes of walking, welcome to Ihwa Mural Village!!

There’s a lot of coffee shops in the area. Coffee + cold weather + overlooking Seoul = perfect!



Under the sea~~
A famous location for Korean dramas


Unfortunately, the original angel wings mural was erased after it was shown on tv because there were a lot of tourists who came to the area and residents were disturbed.

The good news is that there’s a new angel wings mural. Yay!!

Mission accomplished!
Mission accomplished!!

I’ll definitely come back and take more photos!

If you love street art, you may check out my blog post about Bangkok Modern Art HERE.

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