Gangchon Rail Park

I’ve always wanted to visit Gangchon Rail Park after watching this funny episode of Running Man. The rail park is about 1 to 1.5 hour away from Seoul, depending on what kind of train you ride. Karla and I went there in June so the weather was really nice. It was sunny but the air was cool. The ride costs 25,000 won (around 985 pesos) for the two-seater bike and 35,000 won (around 1380 pesos) for the four-seater one. The whole experience is tiring (biking is hard!) but very fun!


Selfies on our way to Gangchon and while waiting for our biking schedule…


Start of our adventure…

Too much energy at the start!!
Must keep distance

The beautiful scenery along the way… flowers, farms, mountains and rivers.


More selfies and playing around…


We passed by different tunnels. My favorite is the one where they play “Gangnam Style”. Super fun!!


After almost an hour of biking, we reached a resting area. There, we rode a train going to the end of the track. We met some new friends from Hong Kong during the ride.


The view on our way back was so lovely. ❤



9 thoughts on “Gangchon Rail Park

  1. Camille..,,, can you go to Sang Sang Gil area of the Changdong Art Village waaaahhhh.. they have this road construction with people’s names all over the world engraved on it. XD

    1. Wow! Sige try ko magresearch about that place. Sounds interesting! Sana malapit lang sa akin ^^

      1. Sana sana.. they have a free tour until dec 31..
        You might want to check this website for the write your name in Korea tourism project.

        Kamsahamnida.. XD

      2. Wow mas updated ka pa sakin. Hehe! Yay thanks sa info ^^

    2. Ang layo pala ng place. Malapit na sa Busan! Hahahaha

      1. heheehhehehe,, parang sa south na yun ng mapa ng Korea.. ilang oras from seoul papunta dun pala?

      2. Mga 4 hours by bus 🙂 not sure if may train papunta dun pero mga 3 hours pag to Busan 🙂

      3. waaaaaaaahhhhh.. kailangan po ng kasama jan… hehehehehehheeh
        Pasama ka sa mga peeps?
        How’s their education system? and the student life?

  2. Hey Camille! I nominated you to the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. Check out my nomination here:

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