Taejongdae Park

My travel goals for this year include visiting Busan, Malaysia and Japan. I finally had the chance to tick one off my travel bucket list last summer. I waited for the bus to Busan at Express Bus Terminal one evening. I really planned on going at night so I can sleep on the bus and save on my accommodation and of course, catch the sunrise when I arrive there. How romantic. Lol.

Time check: 12:38am!
After about four hours, I arrived in Busan!

I thought the bus will stop at Busan station but it turns out I still need to ride the train for about an hour to get to downtown. Hassle. Anyway, While I was on the train, I saw the sunrise but I wasn’t able to take a picture of it.

Busan station

A view of the city and the port while I was on the bus going to my first destination…

Finally arrived in Taejongdae Park at around 7am!

The natural park is massive and is surrounded by the sea
Early morning walk around the park as I look for the cliff and sea

The walk was so tiring (given I don’t have much sleep too) but I forgot everything as I walked around.The view is soooo beautiful and relaxing I have no words to perfectly describe it. From this part, I will let the pictures do the talking!



Rock formations



Semi-buwis buhay moves again. Lol


Hi oppar. Charots!!


Another paradise… a garden near a Buddhist temple



Now, time to take a rest at a coffee shop after my first stop.

IMG_5065Where will my next destination in Busan be? Stay tuned! ^^

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